Een dagje ondernemen met Britt Roelse

Door de jaren heb ik veel krachtige onderneemsters om me heen verzameld. Een aantal daarvan zijn ZO ontzettend krachtig in manifesteren, dat ik er als ondernemer én als coach heel graag van leer. Op die manier kan ik wat ik heb geleerd, weer doorgeven. Zo werkt dat. 😉 Britt Roelse is zo’n Danoontje powerrr die […]

De grootste illusie
van vandaag de dag

Ok.. omdat je op het artikel hebt geklikt zal ik je METEEN belonen met het antwoord op de vraag van wat dan die über-grote illusie is die we massaal geloven.

Moving back to Holland: I’ve gained some perspective.

Two years ago, my girlfriend and I moved to Spain, for the weather, for work.. but in reality of course, just for ourselves. The adventure.

I should NOT have opened that email..

Do you recognize those moments, when you’re about go to bed and something is still very, very active in your mind? Surely, we all know that we should wind down before going to bed. No coffee, just water or tea, no bright screens and DEFINITELY no work emails! Yeah, we know that, but every now […]

Can you imagine that? A blood infection from a paper-cut?!

Being Agile could be the cure against Perfectionism.

At Coosto, a company I worked for as an Agile Coach some time ago, my lovely colleagues used to call me ‘Agile Bas’. I thought that was an awesome nickname. Hell, I even created a Twitter account with that handle. 🙂 Then one day I got a bit unlucky. I remember I was moving to […]

The true joy of EXPRESSING your Self

The Truth in expressing yourself

When I was writing the previous post about creating I actually got so carried away that I lost track of what the original topic of that post was. I ended up having to cut the story in half; something I don’t really like to do since it messes with my own creative process. But that’s what […]

What will you create today?

Okay, so I’ve got another question for you. 😃 Take a moment and think about this one: In which ways you are being creative in your life? And in a minute I’ll tell you why that’s interesting…

Unleash the EXPLOSIVE power of BEING YOURSELF at work

Being yourself at work

..and not just at work of course.. in LIFE!   We all tend to play these roles in different situations, right? Trying to be supportive to our partner, a friendly guy to the neighbor, laid back with our buddies and still a stubborn rebel towards our dad (at least I am 😉