Moving back to Holland: I’ve gained some perspective.

Two years ago, my girlfriend and I moved to Spain, for the weather, for work.. but in reality of course, just for ourselves.
The adventure.

At that point I had already learned, that for me, life wasn’t about the external journey’s, but rather the internal journey of self-discovery. And that this could be done from any place and in any situation. Nevertheless, we surely do encounter a whole lot of people and situations during our travels. Each can show us new things about who it is we are. Life just reflects us in that way.

Yet again, we return to our beloved little Holland. With a backpack full of new experiences and stories, renewed gratitude for our own country and most of all: new insights about ourselves. What will we do next? Who knows?

So what is it really, that can lead an external journey to internal discovery? What is the benefit of physically moving into a completely different situation?

To me, the answer is the same as to why going to the gym can be so refreshing. Why meditation can give us such deep insights about ourselves. And it’s the same as why simply shutting down your computer for the weekend and going into nature for a nice walk can sometimes trigger us to discover something new. To see something new.

Physically getting out of your current situation and into one completely different, allows us to SEE ourselves from a different perspective. If we STOP what we are doing and literally move into a different space, we might see what our previous-Self was doing. We might see it from a different dimension, allowing ourselves to become aware. I believe this is how consciousness works. It’s like Einstein explained; we cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem in the first place.

Getting OUT of the space of where you are, can mean lots of different things. It can mean getting OUT of your thinking, by doing something physical (= getting IN to your body). It can mean taking a break from your relationship or job. It can mean talking to someone else, other than yourself and your own thinking, for a change. Whatever it takes to give you a new perspective on things.

To me, that’s what raising consciousness is all about: allowing yourself to see the previous situation from a different angle, from a different level of thinking.

Two questions for you, before you shut down your computer and step into your weekend

  • What perspective do you have, on that which really challenges you?
  • And what would be a completely different perspective to look at it?


Enjoy your weekend!