What will you create today?

Okay, so I’ve got another question for you. 😃 Take a moment and think about this one:

In which ways you are being creative in your life?

And in a minute I’ll tell you why that’s interesting…

Asking yourself this question, you might get all sorts of ideas, about the hobbies you have for instance: painting, writing or creating beautiful music. Or, like I did; you might hesitate and think “Well.. now that you ask me, I haven’t really been doing that much creative stuff lately…”. Perhaps you believe you haven’t been doing many creative things since you were a kid in school.

I started thinking about my creativity a couple of years ago; when I realized I really was more of a go-getter, like: “Give me a goal and I’ll go fetch!” 🐶 But I always seemed to struggle with coming up with good ideas myself. Or settings goals for myself. I had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur one day and realized that this might require ‘some’ idea- and opportunity-creation-abilities. 😁 So for this reason I started looking at how to become more creative.

Do you know what I (finally) figured out?

We are all creators! We create all the time!

It seems so obvious to me now, but I just didn’t see it before. Our entire lives, the experiences we have, the people we meet.. it’s all continuously being created by whatever we spend our attention to.

I can hear you think; “So what is this leading to? Some Law of Attraction type of story?” Well, yeah it is Law of Attraction. Definitely. You attract more of whatever you spend your attention to (= create).

But this is not the point I’m trying to make.
Back to us CREATING our experiences all of the time.. (..and more accurately: CO-CREATING those experiences with others on this planet).

So, if we realize that we are continuously creating our experiences by focusing our attention on certain things..
(and these can be things we love or things we hate, right!?)
..then we can say that it’s actually quite important to consciously create our experience. You agree?

OK.. so NOW we get to that interesting bit!

How do you create things that you actually want?

You create consciously, once you are AWARE of the fact that you are creating.. that you are creating while you speak, while you listen, while you think, write, cook, lead, guidework, love, etc..

Expressing yourself and by that creating your life are basically the same thing.

So what if you don’t like the creations in your life? Will you keep staring at them? Will you create more thoughts or words of resistance? Will you keep pushing against it? Only to create an even bigger pile of resistance around it? Or will you create something new? Something better? Something truly yours?

Pay attention to what you are creating.

Create some nice thoughts. Some nice words around them. Put some nice deeds on top of that. Perhaps someone will build with you.. on top or right next to your creation. 🙂

..and HAVE FUN doing it! That’s the most important indicator. 😉