The true joy of EXPRESSING your Self

When I was writing the previous post about creating I actually got so carried away that I lost track of what the original topic of that post was. I ended up having to cut the story in half; something I don’t really like to do since it messes with my own creative process. But that’s what happens once you are on a roll, once you get into the flow. You might just lose track of the beginning and the end, because you start expressing less from the mind and more from the heart!

So that’s what this article is about.

Giving expression to our unique self and the amazing secret that lies within doing that.

Are you still searching for your purpose in life? I have been.. for a long time. It’s not easy for me to admit, because ‘searching for yourself’ might be perceived as a weakness in our society. And I found that the word ‘searching’ is part of the problem. The focus is on searching and continuing to search. Rather than finding. Knowing. So from now on, I call it EXPLORING life, exploring who I am. And that’s a big difference. Because in the end we all want to figure out who we really are, right? Or at least BE who we really are. Aren’t we all explorers?

Now if you are still searching for your purpose in life, take a look at this. It’s my personal favorite, because it’s so beautifully simple. If you like it, feel free to use the same purpose in your life!! 😉

Here it is:

Be your Self
and by expressing your Self,
remember more about your Self.

In this simple sentence lies the entire beauty of discovering who you truly are, what your purpose is and how we continuously grow. Let me explain what I mean.

Expressing ourselves allows us to learn about our selves.

Try it yourself; start talking to someone about something you are trying to figure out. You will hear yourself say things that are true to you and some things that are not. Try not to have you mind in the conversation too much, but rather feel what you are saying. Allow yourself to make statements and then listen closely: are you telling your deepest Truth? Or not yet? It’s totally fine if you are not. Don’t judge. Judging yourself (and others) completely blocks all roads to your Truth.

Allow yourself to tell things that are untrue. Only the mind believes that that’s a bad thing. But by allowing ourselves to ‘not yet know the Truth’ we also allow ourselves to feel into what is.

Who we truly are and what our Truth is, is the same thing

Expressing ourselves, of course, is not just talking. It’s listening at the same time. Deep listening. Listening beyond the words, to how the words resonate within us. That’s how we can learn about our Selves. Expressing ourselves of course is also doing things: actions like writing, cooking, loving, sharing, painting, caring, leading, supporting.. etc, etc. The point is: you can feel your Truth in all of these things. You can learn about your Self in all of these things. The more you do them from your heart, the more you find you.