Unleash the EXPLOSIVE power of BEING YOURSELF at work

..and not just at work of course.. in LIFE!


We all tend to play these roles in different situations, right?

Trying to be supportive to our partner, a friendly guy to the neighbor, laid back with our buddies and still a stubborn rebel towards our dad (at least I am 😉

And at work (depending on who we’re talking to) we can be that funny colleague the supportive listener, a serious boss or boss-pleaser. We might be the pretender with an “all-is-fine” type of smile, while inside we might really not feel like that and think “let’s not bother anyone with that” or “let’s not show them we might feel pretty insecure”.


Really.. take a second and think about the different YOU’s at work.

In what way do you behave, talk, react (or dress??) differently towards your boss as opposed to your direct colleagues? Towards that understanding HR-person or towards the Chief Financial Officer? What role do you usually take on in a group or meeting? And is that REALLY you?

We just believe that this role will somehow serve us.. as it has always done. Right?


These types of roles don’t come from who we truly, deeply are. They come from our unconscious beliefs, that are either trying

  • to keep us safe (“Please like me, please don’t fire me ..”)
  • or be effective in accomplishing our (hidden) goals (“Please see me, please let me..”)

But have you ever considered how much freaking energy it costs to pretend to be someone you ARE NOT? And it’s not just that, it’s not even going to work in the long run, if this is not who you truly are!


Let me explain why.

Being who you truly, deeply are (and we all know who that is, as long as we take a little moment to listen in silence) will give us UNLIMITED ENERGY AND MOTIVATION!

  • We will never ever stop striving for this thing we deeply believe in.
  • We will stand up for our ideas, despite that scary crowd (or someone in a nice suit 😉
  • We will always jump out of bed in the morning IF we can do what we LOVE!

Things will come to us naturally when we are aligned with our real, deepest Truths. We will seem confident, resilient, lucky even and attractive in our own way. Because it flows.
Being YOU comes naturally, we just need to stop pretending to be someone we’re not.


I know it can be scary as hell.

Because of “What will they say or think about me?” .. sure, I get that. But you know, people WANT to see you! They LOVE to see someone authentic and true to themselves.
And not just because you will then really add your unique, authentic gift to the company.
And not just because you will effortlessly continue to provide true value.

But because deep down inside, we all recognize people living their true selves.. we admire them.. because they REMIND US to do the same.. and it works like a ripple effect!
You WILL affect the entire organization in that way. Whether it’s immediately noticeable or not.

So if you’re still afraid of what others will think or say, just remember: people will love and admire you for being the real You.

You owe it to yourself to feel that great!